"My gardens are part of the party - not just wallpaper." Koby's Garden Alchemy

Koby's Expertise

Landscape Garden Designer Koby, President of Koby's Garden Alchemy


Add an enchanted element to your garden with my well-seasoned methodology for harmonizing essential elements with pretty pleasures. I do not rest upon pre-set canons. My gardens are inventive and immersive, with myriad seasonal delights to get noticed day by day.  My Master-pallet is crafted from exhaustive experience, and my muse's secret conversations with the spirit of the space.  I translate those notes into a melodious composition of nature inspired senses in:  color, texture, fragrance, movement, shape -- with chiseled character, beautiful bends and filigrees of foliage . . .  adding joy to your life.

My gardens are part of the party - not just wallpaper.    

Landscape Garden Designer Koby, President of Koby's Garden Alchemy

HORTICULTURIST, first and foremost

You can leverage my 30+ years' experience of honing my practical skills by designing and/or maintaining 100s of gardens utilizing 1000s of plants to your best advantage.  This experience has given me the ability to blend a sense of art with the science of horticulture.  I know the types of plants that thrive in Southern California Coastal environments.  And, unlike some novices or retailers, I won't recommend something that doesn't do well in our climate just because it looks pretty on the page or newly imported to the  showroom.  You'll be amazed with how much more fascinating your garden becomes when I introduce uncommonly admirable plant treasures and expand your garden's allure.  

From Apples to Zephyr Lilies - I am very plant passionate!   

Landscape Garden Designer Koby, President of Koby's Garden Alchemy


Utilizing my experience and your green-dreams, I design gardens that are uniquely engaging.  Many ideas and elements require thorough discussion (and wise editing) before a design plan can coalesce into a flourishing garden success story. Buildings and hardscape are just part of the picture.  My vision also unites the plants relationships & mature sizes to display their best features.  Too much hardscape can feel stark, hard and heavy - and too many plants may feel congested.  Too little of either can look like a feeble attempt. The design assignment needs a visionary mind for the big picture and the professional experience to manage all the details - which results in making an enchanting garden happen.  Depending on the project -- there are seemingly endless factors to juggle adeptly:  dreams, budget, functionality vs. aesthetics, style, theme, scale, proportion, master pallet of color-texture-type, soil make up, drainage, irrigation integration, lighting for safety and ambiance, your micro-climate, environmentally appropriate plants, maintenance aspects and so forth . . . ! 

But you don't need to worry about all of those things! This is why you hire Koby's Garden Alchemy -- to get excellent, professional results. As far as your garden is concerned,  all you need to worry about is -- which view is the most delightful. 

Koby's Garden Alchemy

A small, yet powerfully effective company

Koby's Garden Alchemy is a personal business endeavor.  For most gardens I and an assistant are on site.  If we need a bigger crew, they will be supervised.  What does this mean for you?  You won't be given a 'cookie cutter' garden.  I design for your personal space.  I have an eye for combining or separating areas, to shape distinct 'rooms' in your garden that have their own unique personalities. I only perform a few select installations a year, thus we can devote more focused attention to craft a garden that is exceptionally - yours.  

You will benefit more from my fuller skill-set

  Artist, designer, horticulturist, & detail maintainier.  I can envision, plan, select, & install plants superbly and keep your garden looking its best for years to come.  I offer more detailed and knowledgeable services than most 'mow-blow-and-go' common gardeners and may cost less than the minimums that large, commercial contractors/landscape architects firms charge.  I love creating "Wow" moments in a garden, distinct vignettes that cause you to pause . . .  and admire the beauties, which nature & art reveal in your garden.

I excel in sophisticated garden plantings

My plant pallet and presentation are noticeably more robust and nuanced than common culture.   My love and expertise are balanced out in the overall planning of your garden and the selections of plants, but we know sometimes there is more to a dream.  If hardscape accents and/or walls are a part of your ideal garden, we will help you design and realize those dreams but we would refer out general construction work to other companies.  Once the hardscape is in place, we come in and make that space 'softer', more breathable, fresh and alluring with beautifully designed plantings and attractive accoutrements. 

How do I get Koby's magic touch in my garden?